In accordance with our Code of Conduct, we declare both inside and outside our company that we will conduct business activities with compliance set as a fundamental condition. To embody our Code of Conduct and ensure compliance, we have also established standards of behavior for compliance, etc., that are used as judgment criteria and grounds for action in our business activities.

Code of Conduct

We will conduct business activities with compliance set as a fundamental condition for them.

  • We will comply with laws and conduct fair and transparent corporate activities with high ethical standards as a member of an industry that requires high ethical standards.
  • We will recognize in our actions that the practice of compliance is a fundamental condition for the survival of companies and comply with any laws and internal rules related to the performance of business.
  • We will not have any relationship with antisocial forces but resolutely stand against them. We will also maintain healthy and transparent political and governmental relationships.
  • In the event that any situation contrary to the spirit of compliance arises, we will work to identify the cause and prevent recurrence and will respond to it in a strict but fair manner.

We will disclose information in an accurate and transparent manner and properly manage information.

  • We will make applications, keep accounting records, and disclose information based on data that accurately present the facts.
  • We will not unjustly use our professional status or authority. In addition, we will properly manage and protect information obtained in the course of business activities and take necessary and appropriate actions to protect personal information.

We will create a safe and comfortable work environment.

  • We will create a safe and hygienic work environment and prevent any act that defames or discredits others and any act of harassment.

We will seek harmony with society.

  • We will comply with local rules and laws and respect local cultures and customs both in Japan and abroad.
  • We will comply with environmental laws and conduct business activities while paying attention to their environmental impact.