DSP GOKYO aims to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted at the UN Summit in September 2015 through its business activities. We are taking the following measures to help achieve these SDGs.

Initiatives to achieve


We support the activities of the Japan Association for the World Food Programme (WFP), an authorized NPO supporting the UN WFP, whose mission is to eradicate hunger and poverty, and support the activities of the NPO to eradicate hunger and poverty as one of its council members.


Polysaccharides, one of our flagship products, are used to thicken and gelate food to help the elderly and others with dysphagia to swallow food. In addition to polysaccharides, we will supply a variety of products that help people improve their health and make food more delicious to ensure that everyone can lead a happy and healthy life.


We take measures to improve the work-life balance and labor productivity of our employees, such as programs to support their medium- and long-term growth and the creation of a better work environment.


The extract seasonings developed and sold by DSP GOKYO are made by effectively utilizing bones obtained from meat processing and production and other livestock resources. Through these activities, we contribute to the realization of zero emissions and a recycling-oriented society.


With the goal of protecting the planet from climate change, we promote energy conservation to reduce the environmental impact. Our efforts start with tackling familiar issues, such as the proper management of temperature in our facilities.


As an associate member of the organization, we support the activities of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to promote the production and use of sustainable palm oil.

RSPO:A nonprofit organization established under the initiative of seven concerned organizations, including the WWF, to ensure that the production of palm oil around the world will have no serious adverse impact on the conservation of tropical forests, the diversity of organisms living in the forests, or the lives of those who depend on the forests.