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Coatings and Industrial Materials Business

By taking advantage of its expert knowledge accumulated based on abundant experience and achievements, DSPG provides total planning and idea development services covering marketing, product development and production line building.

 “Coating” is chemical technology in pigments and surface treatments which enhances functions of products in daily life such as printed materials, fiber and plastics so that their “usability” can be improved. The Company supplies coating materials having excellent functions by mobilizing its long cultivated know-how of chemical technology. Moreover, the Company has established a network with various domestic and international manufacturers of materials in its long history of business in food materials and chemical materials, which makes it possible for the Company to supply a wide range of products capable of improving quality and productivity in customers’ production lines. What we do is not mere supply of products but supply of new value added in doing business with customers under trustful relationship with awareness of importance of a spirit of collaboration.