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What is GLYLOID?


GLYLOID is a purified tamarind seed gum derived from Tamarindus indica seeds. GLYLOID solution shows Newtonian behavior, excellent stability and interesting gelling properties with low molecular substances including sugars, alcohols, polyphenols. Using these characteristics, GLYLOID can be widely used in thick sauces, dressings, ice creams, wheat flour-based products, etc. GLYLOID has been used as food additives in Japan since DSP GOKYO FOOD & CHEMICAL Co.,Ltd. succeeded in commercializing GLYLOID in 1964.



I. Solution Characteristics

GLYLOID can add a naturally viscous property like starch to various foods.

II. Solution Stability

GLYLOID shows stable viscosity in the wide pH range, high temperature and salts.

III. Gelation

GLYLOID has thickening and gelling properties when it is mixed with sugars, dextrin, sugar alcohols, lower alcohols, and polyphenols such as catechin.

IV. Other Functions

GLYLOID can be used as a stabilizer for frozen desserts since it promotes formation of fine ice crystals and shape retention. GLYLOID also has an emulsion-stabilizing effect. When GLYLOID is used with a starch or gelling agent, it inhibits syneresis with good compatibility.

Food applications with GLYLOID

Applications Additive Amount
Seasoning BBQ sauce, Steak sauce, Demiglace sauce, Tomato sauce, Chili sauce 0.5~1.5%
Teriyaki sauce 0.2~1.0%
Mayonnaise-like dressing, Non-oil dressing, Other dressings 0.2~1.0%
Frozen desserts Ice cream, Gelato, Sorbet, Ice candy, Ice shavings 0.05~0.3%
Flour-based foods Bread, Cake, Baked confectionary, Batter mix 0.1~0.5%
Filling Flour paste, Custard cream 0.1~0.5%
Noodles Instant noodles, Udon (wheat-flour noodle), Pasta 0.1~0.5%
Desserts Jelly, Pudding 0.05~1.5%
Preserves Jam, Fruit sauce 0.2~1.0%
Beverages Fruit juice drink, Low-fat milk, Cocoa drink, Soup 0.05~0.2%

Dissolution Method

If lumps are formed after adding GLYLOID to water or aqueous solutions, GLYLOID will not fulfill its function. GLYLOID should be fully dispersed or dissolved by adding it bit by bit to as large a volume of water as possible while agitating at high speed. If you mix GLYLOID, beforehand, with about 5 times its volume of sugar, dextrin, alcohol, or oil and add the mixture to water or aqueous solutions, you will be able to disperse or dissolve GLYLOID more smoothly.

List of Products

Name of Product


GLYLOID 2A Hot-water-soluble
GLYLOID 3S Cold-water-soluble
GLYATE Low-viscosity
Packed in 20kg kraft bags


  • US FDA GRAS (Generally recognized as Safe)
  • Kosher certification (Orthodox Union)


DSP GOKYO FOOD & CHEMICAL Co.,Ltd. conducted strict safety (toxicity) studies, a subacute toxicity study, a carcinogenicity study, a mutagenicity study and three chronic toxicity studies. No abnormal findings attributable to GLYLOID were observed in any of these studies.

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All data provided in this page are based on the results of tests performed at our laboratories. If you use GLYLOID in your products, please perform adequate tests under appropriate conditions beforehand to determine and confirm the optimal condition/method of use.

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